Electronic and Photonic Molecular Materials research group

The Electronic and Photonic Molecular Materials (EPMM) group is based in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. We have a long-standing interest in many aspects of the physics and technology of solution processable semiconductors and optoelectronic devices.

Current research programmes includes detailed study into perovskite and organic photovoltaic devices, organic field-effect transistors and organic and hybrid-semiconductor photonic devices. Our work is conducted in a series of laboratories and clean rooms, allowing us to undertake materials synthesis, device preparation and evaluation.

We have access to a range of spectroscopic techniques for basic material science, including ultra-fast lasers and a range of scanning probe and electron microscopes. We make regular use of large experimental facilities including the Diamond Light Source to explore the nanostructure of the materials we create.

Research projects

Image: Organic devices emitting red, green, blue and white light, developed by the EPMM group. Photo by Nathaniel Stevenson.

Image: Flexible photovoltaics. Photo by Lucy Pickford.

Image: An array of crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels under-test at the Sheffield Solar Farm.

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Organic photovoltaic devices

Image: A series of organic photovoltaic devices based on polymer-fullerene blends fabricated in the EPMM group. Photograph by Lucy Pickford.

Image: Fluorescent materials used in organic photonic devices.

Image: Laser spectroscopy of a 1D organic semiconductor microcavity.